Due to the health situation caused by COVID-19, appointments will be requested via email:  Since appointments will be very limited, we will give priority to those that are duly justified and whose need is urgent and cannot be postponed.
We recommend you to apply for your Student Visa  through  your School/University representative in the US. These Study Abroad Advisors  should contact  directly  the Visa Department and will have priority on scheduling the student Visa Batch Appointment.
According to the Spanish Order INT/657/2020 July 17th, paragraph 1.1, US Citizen Students traveling to Spain with student programs under 90 days will be able to enter the country without a Student Visa. For further information,  please contact this Consulate sending an email to, subject: Visa Dep. Student program under 90 days, and submit the following documentation:
driver license, passport and acceptance letter from the school in Spain.
Important information for visa applications that require FBI background check  
legalized with The Apostille of the Hague (Washington.D.C US Department of State):
Obtaining the Apostille is experiencing significant delays (2  to 3 months), therefore we highly  recommend to request the Apostille as far in advance as possible.  For further information regarding the status of your Apostille you may contact US Department of State, Washington DC, telephone 202-485-8000.
No information will be provided by phone  or email regarding the Visa status.





If after reviewing the documents listed below you still have questions about the visa process, please review our visa frequently asked questions section:





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