Studying in Spain
This section includes some basic considerations and a series of links to further information.

​Spain is home to some of the world's most prestigious business schools, in addition to having an extensive network of universities and receiving the most exchange students within the Erasmus programme. If we also take into account that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, our country is a significant destination for educational purposes. 
How to study in Spain
Foreigners wishing to stay in Spain to study, carry out research, training or unpaid internship activities, participate in student exchanges, or perform volunteer services, must obtain the corresponding visa, which will include the initial authorization to stay in Spain. However, nationals of certain countries are exempted from the visa requirement provided that the duration of their stay in Spain does not exceed three months.
Formalities in Spain
When the duration of the authorized stay exceeds six months, foreign citizens holding a visa to study, carry out research, training or unpaid internship activities, participate in student exchanges, or perform volunteer services, must apply for the foreign student identity card at the corresponding Foreigners Office or Police Station.
Citizens of the European Union
Citizens of the European Union and their family members, provided that the latter travel with or meet said citizens, are subject to a specific legal system based on the rights recognized in the Treaties.


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