Airlines are not allowing passengers to board without the mentioned test. The following information must be included in the Certificate:   passenger´s full name, passport number or ID (which will have to match the document/number declared in the Sanitary Control Form),  the date when the test was conducted,  identification and contact details of the center that performed the test, technique used and the negative results.
In addition to the test, passengers will have to fill out, before departing, the Sanitary Control Form through the web ( obtaining a QR code that they will also have to present upon their arrival in Spain.
Children under 6 years of age will not be required to take this test. 
It is required to obtain a SARS-CoV_2 Active Infection Diagnostic Test (PDIA) with negative results performed within 72 hours prior to the arrival in Spain.
The PDIA for SARS-CoV-2 accepted is the PCR (RT-PCR of COVID-19) , TMA and other tests based on equivalent molecular techniques. Other tests such as rapid antibody, antigens or serology tests (ELISA, CLIA, ECLIA) will not be accepted.
The following list shows some testing locations that claim they can deliver test results within 24 to 48 hours. This Consulate cannot guarantee the actual time to obtain the results and, since the health situation is constantly changing, as well as the number of applications that probably may increase due to Christmas holidays, we strongly recommend to contact the testing site in advance to confirm their conditions, fees and deadline to deliver the test results, and call ahead to make an appointment if necessary.
Medical Centers are requesting the Health Insurance number,   in order to bill the Insurance Company directly. If the health plan does not provide coverage, the passenger will have to pay for it.
This is not an exhaustive list of COVID-19 test sites that perform PCR test in our jurisdiction. Our only goal is to support passengers by giving them additional information. Therefore, certificates issued by other centers not included in the list will be accepted, as long as they meet the health requirements established in the Resolution of November 11th 2020, (Dirección General de Salud Pública BOE 12/11/2020).
These testing sites do not have any link with the Consulate, therefore, the latter is not responsible for the work conducted by these laboratories.
Kindly find the list of laboratories, with headquarters in different states under our jurisdiction, who have informed us that they offer RT- PCR tests with results within 48 hours:
You may find other centers to perform the test RT-PCR, in all the States under our jurisdiction, in the following link:
Please verify, before booking a COVID testing service, the lab tests meet the requirements listed above.


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