30.03.2021 - PANDEMIA COVID-19
Hong Kong:
Nuevos contagios: 8 (1 locales + 7 importados)
Total hasta la fecha: 11.455(11.454 confirmados + 1 probable)
Total de fallecidos hasta la fecha: 205
Hospitalizados o pendientes de admisión: 144 (-11)
Dados de alta: 11.075(+19)
NOTA: Los casos anunciados son los que nos transmite a primera hora de la mañana el gobierno de HK a partir de los datos distribuidos por el CHP y están referidos a las 1600H del día anterior, tal y como se refleja en los enlaces adjuntos del CHP. Los positivos confirmados con posterioridad a esa hora figurarán en el siguiente aviso. 
·         Most epidemic measures maintained until April 14
·         Public and private swimming pools to reopen from April 1
·         No evidence indicating any safety risks of the BioNTech vaccines delivered to HK according to initial investigation results
·         BioNTech vaccination suspended until further notice
·         Boarding restrictions for places with severe epidemic situation and compulsory quarantine arrangements maintained
·         Arrivals from Brazil, Ireland, South Africa and UK banned  
Nuevos contagios: 0
Total hasta la fecha: 48
Total de fallecidos hasta la fecha: 0
Hospitalizados: 0
Dados de alta: 48
CHP investigates additional confirmed cases of COVID-19
28-day rolling sitrep of new infections (most recent figure first, local infections in brackets)
8 (1); 1 (0); 6 (0); 11 (3); 9 (4); 10 (4); 12 (4); 18 (7); 8 (4); 8 (7); 13 (10); 10 (6); 11 (8); 18 (13); 30 (16); 24 (24); 47 (43); 60 (54); 22 (19); 8 (6); 21 (8); 9 (6); 16 (13); 8 (4); 11 (8); 9 (6); 14 (14); 13 (7)
Public hospitals daily update on COVID-19 cases
Relación indicativa de laboratorios de análisis
Most epidemic measures maintained
- social distancing measures currently in place will be largely maintained until April 14
- public and private swimming pools can reopen from April 1
- propose to the Executive Council to allow the resumption of religious gatherings, with the maximum number of attendees set at 30% of a venue's capacity
Reduction of the quarantine period for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to 14 days
The Government is working closely with the airlines to have a few flights for HK residents stranded in the UK to return to Hong Kong
Measures to assist foreign domestic helpers and employers to cope with COVID-19 pandemic extended
Government announces initial investigation results regarding packaging defects of BioNTech vaccine
According to the initial investigation results, Fosun and German drug manufacturer BioNTech considered that there is no evidence indicating any safety risks of the BioNTech vaccines delivered to Hong Kong (batch no. 210102 and 210104). Members of the public who have received the BioNTech vaccines do not need to worry. The Government is actively following up with Fosun and German manufacturer BioNTech to strive to complete the investigation procedures within a week. The Government will also keep close liaison with the supplier on the supply of the remaining doses of vaccine, with a view to ensuring that implementation of the vaccination programme in Hong Kong can be continued.

Suspension of BioNTech vaccination
Hong Kong suspends BioNTech vaccinations from batches 210102 and 210104 over defective packaging. Government announces cancellation of bookings at all 29 community vaccination centres providing the German-made jab ‘until further notice’. The Government will closely monitor the incident and will timely announce the latest situation and arrangement as soon as possible. The World Health Organization, according to the current available clinical data, also recommends that the interval of two doses of BioNTech vaccine could be extended to 42 days.
Quarantine and isolation arrangement involving children
For any child under age 18 to be quarantined in QCs, the Department of Health (DH) upon request would generally allow one of the parents to accompany their children to the QCs to take care of them. In such cases, the parent and the child would remain in the same room until the quarantine period ends. If a parent tests positive and to be hospitalised, a caretaker arranged by the parents (who can be relatives, parents' adult friends or domestic helpers) could be allowed to accompany the quarantined child. In cases where the parents test negative, public hospitals will also accommodate their request to accompany the paediatric patient, subject to the agreement of the CHP of DH and the availability of isolation capacities. In the scenario where both parents are confirmed with COVID-19 and there is no other better arrangement for providing care for their children, public hospitals will, upon the agreement of CHP, provide suitable arrangement to facilitate proper parental care.
Labour Department set up mobile specimen collection stations to provide free COVID-19 testing service for foreign domestic helpers
Government further strengthens compulsory testing for household members of close contacts
Tightening group gathering and raising penalties amid COVID-19 surge
From December 11, 2020:
- $5,000 fine (fixed penalty) for breach of group gathering law, breach of mask-wearing law and breach of compulsory testing direction.
- $10,000 fine for breach of law on mask-wearing on public transport  
Información sobre vacunación y programa:  www.covidvaccine.gov.hk
Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System: https://www.evt.gov.hk/portal/en/
Centros de vacunación Hong Kong:
Vaccination priority groups expanded to cover people aged 30 or above
Programme expanded to cover people aged between 30 and 59, students aged 16 or above studying outside Hong Kong and domestic helpers. Members of the public in these new categories can make reservations starting from 9am on March 16 through the online booking system on the designated website of the Vaccination Programme (www.covidvaccine.gov.hk) for receiving vaccines at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs) and the 18 general out-patient clinics and also with a private doctor or clinic participating in the programme.
Global Travel Restrictions (Mar 24)
Chinese Visa Facilitation for Applicants Inoculated with COVID-19 Vaccines Produced in China
In view of resuming people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries in an orderly manner, starting from 15 March 2021, the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the HKSAR will provide facilitation for visa applicants who have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines produced in China and obtained the vaccination certificate.
Government maintains boarding restrictions for places with severe epidemic situation and compulsory quarantine arrangements
Specified conditions imposed on inbound travellers who have visited specified places (Cap.599H):
Arriving passengers who have stayed in specified places listed below within the last 21 days of boarding a flight to Hong Kong:
  1. Group A: Extremely high risk places: Brazil, Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
Persons who have stayed in those places for more than two hours in the past 21 days will not be allowed to board for Hong Kong.
Boarding requirements:
·         Have not stayed in the relevant specified places for more than two hours during the 21-day relevant period
·         Present a negative result proof of a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 conducted within 72 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the aircraft
·         Present confirmation in English or Chinese of room reservation in a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 nights starting on the day of the arrival of the relevant traveller in Hong Kong.
Compulsory quarantine for 21 days in a designated quarantine hotel.
  1. Group B: High risk places: Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, The Philippines, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.
Boarding requirements:
·         Present a negative result proof of a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 conducted within 72 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the aircraft
·         Present confirmation in English or Chinese of room reservation in a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 nights starting on the day of the arrival of the relevant traveller in Hong Kong.
Compulsory quarantine for 21 days in a designated quarantine hotel.
  1. Group C: Medium to high-risk: All places except China which are not specified places of Group A or Group B (China means the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan):
Boarding requirements:
·         Present confirmation in English or Chinese of room reservation in a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 nights starting on the day of the arrival of the relevant traveller in Hong Kong.
            Compulsory quarantine for 21 days in a designated quarantine hotel.
Members of public to pay attention to new requirement regarding presentation of hotel reservation confirmation for persons travelling to Shenzhen from Hong Kong via Shenzhen Bay Port
Government announces "Return2hk - Travel Scheme for Hong Kong Residents returning from Guangdong Province or Macao without being subject to quarantine under the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (Cap. 599C)"
Situaciones referentes a aislamiento de menores positivos y su alojamiento en hoteles
Naturalmente, siga en todo momento las instrucciones de las autoridades locales respectivas
A person against whom a quarantine order is made must not contravene the terms of quarantine specified in the order. A person who, without reasonable excuse, contravenes subsection (1), (2) or (4) commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine at level 4 [Note: HKD25,000, and to imprisonment for 6 months.]
Restrictions on Arriving Passengers Who Have Stayed in Brazil, Ireland, South Africa and The United Kingdom
Beijing Bound Passengers Must Present Valid Negative COVID-19 Test Results
Starting from midnight on March 15, all persons travelling from Hong Kong to Beijing by direct flights will be required to present valid proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result issued within seven days by one of the local COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the HKSAR Government. The method of specimen collection specified in the proof must be nasopharyngeal swab or combined nasal and throat swab (throat swab as the main method of specimen collection for children under 6 years old). Airlines will check the proof concerned before boarding.
Announcement for Access Control at Hong Kong International Airport
Until further notice, passengers are reminded to arrive at the airport three hours before their departure time for relevant checks at the designated access control checkpoints. https://www.hongkongairport.com/en/important-notice/index.page?noticeid=1533886036195-2
Sea-to-air transfer ferry service from Shenzhen Shekou Port to SkyPier of HKIA resumed on 28 October 2020.
Other ferry services from Mainland China and Macao ports remain unavailable. For the latest ticketing arrangement for Shekou to SkyPier, please check with the ferry operator at http://www.cksp.com.hk/en
Transfer / Transit Services at HKIA for Passengers from Airports in Mainland China resumed from 15 August. However Transfer/transit services to destinations in Mainland China remain unavailable at HKIA. Layover time of transfer/transit passengers at HKIA must be within 24 hours.
Transfer / Transit Services at HKIA as International Hub resumed on 15 June 2020.
Passengers can use HKIA for transit/transfer on flights operated by different airlines under the same air ticket, provided that the passengers have checked through at the origin port with their boarding passes printed and baggage tagged-through to the final destination. Passengers should also confirm in advance that they are able to enter the final destination. Please check with airlines for details.
Call 2824 6111 or send an email for enquiries.
Except for the Hong Kong International Airport, Shenzhen Bay and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Control Points, clearance services in other immigration control points will remain suspended until further notice. Operating hours have been adjusted.
Prórroga de visado en Hong Kong
El departamento de Inmigración de HK informa que los interesados en solicitar la prórroga de su visado podrán hacerlo presentando la documentación siguiente:
  • Extension Section (5/F):
  • Application Form ID91
  • Original passport with a validity of at least four weeks before the visa expires
  • Copy of passport
  • Landing slip given on arrival
  • Flight cancellation if any
Inmigración resolverá discrecionalmente caso por caso en función de las circunstancias y la motivación alegada. En todo caso, se deberá presentar el resguardo de solicitud de nuevo pasaporte cuando esté pendiente su renovación a través del Consulado.
Según informa Inmigración, en caso de terminación o rescisión del contrato de trabajo, se podrá permanecer en HK hasta la fecha de caducidad del visado. En caso de obtener nuevo empleo, se deberá comunicar a los servicios de Inmigración.
If there are cases of people that need to activate their work visa by leaving HK and then re-enter, they need to contact the Visa Employment Section on 20/F.

Fight Against the Coronavirus

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

CHP's geospatial dashboard on COVID-19

"LeaveHomeSafe" exposure notification app

COVID-19 Electronic Testing Record System

HK University dashboard on COVID-19 (with real-time effective reproductive number)

BrandHK COVID-19 Update

WHO Coronavirus website

FAQ - Fact Sheets - Press Releases

Designated Hotels for Quarantine - All you need to know

List of Designated Hotels

Management upon notification of a confirmed case in workplace

FAQ: Wearing masks in public places

FAQ: Requirements to reduce gatherings

Fact Sheet: Hong Kong’s multi-pronged response to COVID-19

Booklet: HKSARG Economic Relief Measures
All press releases Mar 30

Prevention and Control of Disease (Use of Vaccines) Regulation (Cap.599K)
- Expires at midnight on 23 December 2021

Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap.599J)
- Expires at midnight on 14 August 2021

Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing of Mask) Regulation (Cap.599I)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Prevention and Control of Disease (Regulation of Cross-Boundary Conveyances and Travellers) Regulation (Cap.599H)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Conditions for inbound travellers who have visited specified high-risk places (Cap.599H)

Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap.599G)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) (Amendment) Regulation 2021

Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirement and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap.599F)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation (Cap.599E)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Prevention and Control of Disease (Disclosure of Information) Regulation (Cap.599D)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  

Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (Cap.599C)
- Expires at midnight on 30 September 2021  
Government following up matters after suspension of BioNTech jab in Macao
Macao has suspended, as a precautionary step, any vaccination due to use that batch, numbered 210102, in order to ensure the safety of the local vaccination programme. The Health Bureau has sent SMS messages to those people that had opted for the BioNTech vaccine and were awaiting a jab, informing them that the use of this vaccine had been suspended until further notice.
Vacunación Covid-19:
Información sobre vacunación y programa:  https://www.ssm.gov.mo/apps1/covid19vaccine/en.aspx#clg18772
Restricciones generales:
Foreigners meeting certain requirements permitted to enter Macao from mainland China
Quarantine lifted for mainland arrivals
Requisitos sanitarios de entrada a Macao, a partir del 19 de Marzo de 2021
Visitors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
If they have visited Hong Kong 14 days prior to arriving in Macao, they must hold a certificate of negative result for COVID-19 nucleic acid test performed within the past 24 hours and will need to go to designated places for a 14-day medical observation and observe self-health management measures for at least 7 days.
Exención de restricciones de inmigración
Conexiones entre Macao y Hong Kong
No se puede viajar a Macao a través del aeropuerto internacional de Hong Kong.
Cualquier persona que actualmente se encuentre en Macao y que desee viajar al extranjero a través del Aeropuerto Internacional de Hong Kong deberá utilizar el servicio de autobús “Golden Bus”, y se someterá a su llegada al test COVID-19 y posterior cuarentena de 14 días, salvo que haya sido exceptuado del cumplimiento de la cuarentena por motivos humanitarios, en cuyo caso se exigirá una prueba COVID-19 realizada 48 horas antes de embarcar.
Locals will have to pay for quarantine after 1st time
Residents who undergo their quarantine and medical observation at one of the government’s “quarantine hotels” will also have to pay a fee of MOP 5,600 from the second time onwards.
Only government Covid-19 test recognized at border crossings
The Taipa Maritime Terminal and the Conde de São Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) are the only two establishments in Macau that can provide Covid-19 nucleic acid tests recognized for border-crossing purposes, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center has announced.
Recognition of Macao Health Code by all mainland areas. https://macaonews.org/recognition-of-macao-health-code-by-all-mainland-areas/
People in Macao able to travel quarantine-free to whole of mainland China
Quarantine-free travel to mainland China only applies to holders of either:
A valid Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents;
A valid passport issued by the People's Republic of China;
Or any other travel document issued by the People's Republic of China.
Eligible people in Macao must obtain:
Negative nucleic acid test result, issued within seven days of their intended departure from Macao.
Online reservation for a nucleic acid test can be made via https://app.ssm.gov.mo/rnatestbook/
24-Hour Tourism Hotline +853 2833 3000
Enlaces útiles
TDM Canal Macao
Formulario de control sanitario obligatorio para todos los pasajeros procedentes de terceros países antes de viajar a España
El Gobierno prorroga las limitaciones de entrada a España por vía aérea desde Brasil y Sudáfrica
El Consejo de Ministros ha aprobado la cuarta prórroga del acuerdo del Consejo de Ministros de 2 de febrero de 2021, por el que se establecen medidas excepcionales para limitar la propagación y el contagio por el COVID-19, mediante la limitación de los vuelos entre la República Federativa de Brasil y la República de Sudáfrica y los aeropuertos españoles. La medida entrará en vigor desde las 18:00 del día 30 de marzo (hora peninsular) hasta las 00:00 horas del día 13 de abril de 2021 (hora peninsular) (Orden PCM/284/2021, de 24 de marzo)
España permite que los viajeros de zonas de riesgo acrediten un diagnóstico negativo de COVID con una prueba de Amplificación Mediada por Trascripción (TMA)
El Boletín Oficial del Estado ha publicado la Resolución de 9 de diciembre de 2020 por la que se especifican las modalidades de Pruebas Diagnósticas de Infección Activa para SARS-CoV-2 en relación con los controles sanitarios a realizar en los puntos de entrada de España, idiomas admitidos y la exceptuación de menores de 6 años.
NOTA: actualmente no se exige vacunación para la entrada.
·         Resolución de 11 de noviembre de 2020, de la Dirección General de Salud Pública, relativa a los controles sanitarios a realizar en los puntos de entrada de España, complementaria de la Orden INT/657/2020, de 17 de julio.
·         Conforme a la Recomendación (UE) 2020/1475 de 13 de octubre, a partir del 23 de noviembre, España exige a los viajeros internacionales procedentes de países de riesgo una PCR negativa en las 72 horas previas a su entrada al país a través de puertos y aeropuertos. La procedencia viene determinada en función del país de origen, no de tránsito. Este requisito se aplicará con independencia a la nacionalidad del pasajero y no afectará a aquellos que entren por fronteras terrestres. Esta medida se recogerá en el formulario de control sanitario. Lista países de riesgo: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/spth.htm
 En todo caso y dada la volatilidad de la situación, también se recomienda la consulta previa con la compañía aérea.
Otros enlaces de interés
Real Decreto 926/2020, de 25 de octubre, por el que se declara el estado de alarma.
·     Durante el periodo comprendido entre las 23:00 y las 6:00 horas, las personas únicamente podrán circular por las vías o espacios de uso público para la realización de las actividades descritas en el art. 5. La autoridad competente delegada correspondiente podrá determinar, en su ámbito territorial, que la hora de comienzo de la limitación prevista en este artículo sea entre las 22:00 y las 00:00 horas y la hora de finalización de dicha limitación sea entre las 5:00 y las 7:00 horas.
·     Se restringe la entrada y salida de personas del territorio de cada comunidad autónoma y de cada ciudad con Estatuto de autonomía salvo para aquellos desplazamientos adecuadamente justificados (la situación varía de una a otra Comunidad/Ciudad Autónoma).
·     La permanencia de grupos de personas en espacios de uso privado o de uso público, tanto cerrados como al aire libre, quedará condicionada a que no se supere el número máximo de seis personas, salvo que se trate de convivientes
·     Por último, el R.D. contempla en su exposición de motivos (III) la necesidad de prórroga de la norma por un período estimado de seis meses.
Orden INT/657/2020, de 17 de julio, por la que se modifican los criterios para la aplicación de una restricción temporal de viajes no imprescindibles desde terceros países a la Unión Europea y países asociados Schengen por razones de orden público y salud pública con motivo de la crisis sanitaria ocasionada por la COVID-19. 
Con fecha de 16 de julio, el Consejo de la Unión Europea adoptó una nueva Recomendación (UE) 2020/1052 modificando en el anterior el listado de países.
Los ciudadanos UE se rigen por el régimen de libre circulación recogido en el RD 240/2007 y podrán entrar si están debidamente documentados, con independencia del país del que procedan. También pueden entrar sus familiares (así como los familiares de los españoles), nacionales de terceros Estados, cuando sean beneficiarios del régimen de libre circulación. En estos casos, deben demostrar el parentesco y, en su caso, situación a cargo, así como cumplir las demás condiciones para el ejercicio de la libre circulación. En su caso, deberán disponer de visado de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión. Los nacionales británicos siguen siendo asimilados a los ciudadanos de la Unión a estos efectos.
Se recomienda consultar regularmente la página web de este Consulado General y su Twitter, así como las recomendaciones de viaje para China y, en su caso, las webs de nuestros Consulados Generales en PekínShanghai y Cantón.


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