PolyU European Film Festival 2019 presents Pa Negre - Black Bread

Pa Negre (Black Bread)
Spain, Crime | Drama
5 March 2019 (Tue)
7:00pm - 9:00pm,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (AG710)
11 Yuk Choi Road
This drama from director Agustí Villaronga takes place in Catalonia during the immediate post-war years. A young boy named Andreu, who belongs to the losing side in the conflict, happens upon the bodies of a man and a young boy in the woods. Local officials want to blame Andreu's father for the situation; in response, Andreu decides to try and help his dad by setting out in search of the real killers. Slowly but surely, the deception of the adult world comes into focus before his eyes, and he must commit an act of extreme betrayal to save himself.
The film is about the moral devastation of civilian populations in times of war. Although it features characters from among both the victors and the vanquished living together in close quarters, this is not a film about a clash between winners and losers. It is, rather, a fine-grained study of those characters’ emotions. Only through their feelings do we begin to discern, far from the battlefield, the war’s terrible consequences.
The Minor in European Studies, Department of English - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University presents and organizes the HK PolyU - European Film Festival 2019 (19th February – 2nd April 2019) with the support of the University Learning Hub Pao Yue-Kong Library, the European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao, the Goethe Institut and the Consulates General of Spain, Sweden, Hungary, France, Italy and Switzerland.
This year, seven films have been chosen for free admission screenings from Sweden (Dom över död man), Germany (Das Leben der Anderen), Spain (Pa Negre), France (Fatima), Italy (Patria), Switzerland (Eldorado), Hungary (Északi Fény).


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