Who can enter Spain?

Full  vaccinated persons against COVID-19, 14 days before the date of tavel  with a certificate issued by your national health authority.
Before boarding the airline, to enter Spain:
You must show a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or an Antigen test (48 hours).

You have to fill up a form online at and print the QR code that you have to show at the airport and on arrival.

Some airlines may require other additional measures .

All passengers arriving from South Africa may have to pass an additional antigen test at the airport upon arrival to Spain.

Despite the restrictions above, can you submit a visa application?
Yes. To apply fo a Schengen visa (including visas for seamen)  contact BLS

National visas (work visas, study visas, investors, etc.): appointment at




BLS is operational and accepting Schengen visa applications up to six months before the intended travel.
To apply you must address BLS in the following link:
For national visas (work, studies, non-lucrative, etc) please send an email to:
Payment to the Consulate General
Residents in Comoros, Madagascar and Mauritius can pay by bank transfer, only if they are unable to make payment through a South African representative.
The amount to be transferred must be the exact amount, in local currency (South African Rand (ZAR) and free of commission or other bank charges.
If the amount received does not correspond to the exact amount of the consular fee of the process to be carried out, it will be rejected. We therefore recommend that before making any bank transfer, you contact the CG in advance to know the exact amount to transfer as well as the correct banking details.
No request will be processed until the exact amount is received in the bank account of this Consulate General.
It should be a recent (no older than 6 months) colour photograph of the applicant's face, 32 by 26mm, with a uniform, white and smooth background, taken from the front with the head completely uncovered and without sunglasses or any other garment that can prevent or hinder the identification of the person. (The photograph should clearly show the oval of the face and should be high resolution and on good quality photo paper).

The visa application cannot be submitted by mail or electronically.
The application form cannot be completed online; it must be printed.
The form must be duly signed. If it is not signed, it cannot be processed.
Only for national visas (non-Schengen):
- A complete photocopy of all pages of the passport must be submitted along with the application.
- It is necessary to read a specific form beforehand, which you will then be required to sign and date along with the information that has been entered into the computer system once at the CG.
- Once the application has been completed, a receipt is issued with specific information that should be used to follow the course of the application, and, to collect the visa.
No correspondence on the procedure will be registered or provided by this consulate until the deadline established for decision-making on the visa has elapsed; consult our webpage for the established time frames per visa type.
The outcome on applications for short stay (Schengen) visas is decided by the consulate general within 15 calendar days from the date of the complete application; This period may be extended to a maximum of 45 calendar days in certain cases. The average turn-around time in high season (April-October) is 13 days; in low season (November-March), 6 days.
Only for national visas:
Once the outcome of the national visa has been decided, this will be updated on Consulta de trámites consulares: (Access using receipt); the final decision is not communicated in the aforementioned Website, but rather communicated when the visa is collected.
Once the application is complete with all the correct documentation, the average time for the national visa outcome to be decided is 3 weeks; 2 days in the case of work visas.
It is important to review the visa sticker to ensure that all information is correct, and in the case of a mistake, it will be corrected immediately.
No appointment is required for collection at the consulate general of the visas applied for at the consulate general; consult this Webpage for opening hours.
Additional instructions common to all visa types
A reminder that penalties or charges due to changes made by the applicant to the entry date to Spain after the application has been submitted are the responsibility of the applicant.
Once in Spain, the applicant must go to the Oficina de Extranjería closest to their residence to resolve any problem or doubt about the visa or stay, or alternatively, the nearest corresponding consular office of their country, but not to the consulate general in Cape Town.
All forms must be completed in Spanish. All documents submitted must be in Spanish.
Data protection
For more detailed information on data protection at this consular office, consult the following link:
All forms must be completed in Spanish.



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