Tax Identification Number for non Spanish entities

The requests for a Tax Identification Number of legal entities and foreign entities (NIF N) are individual and must be made in person at this consulate general and by appointment by sending a message to:

The legal person, or entity without legal personality, of foreign nationality, resident in this consular demarcation, requesting the tax identification number N, must necessarily provide the following information  for the allocation of said number:

-If you have legal personality or not.

-Denomination or social identity

-Number or tax identification code attributed in the country of residence.

- Fiscal address that will be the registered office in general.


-Date of incorporation and date of registration in the corresponding public registry, if applicable.

-Social capital of establishement, if applicable.

-Representatives: Name and surnames or company name or full identification and Tax Identification Number of the legal representatives; if applicable, name and surname or full name, social identity or complete identification, Tax Identification Number, tax address and nationality of your representative in Spain .

-In the case of entities in the system of attribution of income constituted abroad: name and surname or full name, social identity or complete identification,  Tax Identification Number, tax address and nationality of its partners, heirs or participants.


It will not be possible to assign the Tax Identification Number N to the legal person or entity without personality, without prior verification of the registration at the census of the Spanish NIF of its legal representatives, and where appropriate, of the partners, community members or participants.

The following documentation must be provided:


-Certification of the registry or tax authority of the country of origin that accredits the existence of the entity and the data to be recorded.

-In relation to the natural person who signs the application for the Tax Identification Number for the entity as a legal or voluntary representative:

a) Card or document proving the tax identification number, attributed by the Spanish Administration.

b) Document proving that the person signing the application for the entity's Tax Identification Number has sufficient power to do so. For this purpose, the certification of the registration or fiscal authority of the country of origin that accredits the existence of the entity will suffice, when the person signing the application is the legal representative of the entity, and the said certification also appears as a legal representative.

The documentation to be submitted must meet the following formal requirements, when requested by this consulate general:

-Electronic format. In this case, the interested party must provide a copy in electronic format of the required documentation.

-Apostilla or Legalization. In this case, if the document provided is not granted in Spain, or in a country with which there is an Agreement, Treaty or Agreement that exempts the legalization of documents in an administrative procedure in Spain, said document will be presented Apostille (Mauritius and South Africa ) or Legalized through diplomatic channels (Comoros and Madagascar)

-Language and translation. In this case, when the documentation provided for the assignment of the Tax Identification Number is written in a foreign language, a translation into Spanish or another official language in Spain may be required.


Once the NIF of the entity is obtained, the interested party will proceed to present a model 036 of modification. This procedure will be carried out exclusively to communicate the data of the other representatives, if it is the case that they have joint responsibility or joint representation. In the case of entities without legal personality, in addition, the complete data of their partners, members or participants.

To complete “Modelo 036: declaración de datos de la representación y socios de la entidad”:


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