Visa Services
  COVID-19 UPDATE (November 20th, 2020) 
According with the information received from the General  Police for Immigration and Borders (Comisaria General de Extranjeria y Fronteras, nationals of the United States who wish to study in Spain with a duration of less than 90 days, in order to authorize their entry into Spain must provide documentation at the border proving a letter of acceptance and medical insurance, the entry cannot be earlier than 15 days previous to the beginning of your studies.
You will also need to present at the border the COVID-19 test results done in the last 72 hours and all the extra requirements that could apply to your situation the day of your entrance into Spain.
In coordination with the Embassy of Spain in Washington and the Consulates General of Spain in the US, the Consulate General in Chicago is partially open, with limited essential and emergency activities, always in agreement with regulations set by Federal, State and local authorities. 
This Consulate is not accepting visa applications by mail nor making appointments by email.
Appointments must be made by each applicant online at this same website at the link down below.
We are not accepting Schengen visa applications at this moment; we only accept National Residence visas  
If you apply for your visa in person your visa will be returned to you only by mail.
Due to state and city restrictions and to avoid the expose to COVID-19, for sanitary reason we do not recommend picking up in person during the pandemic, even if you live close to the Consulate.
We will only accept a US Postal Service self-addressed and stamped envelope with tracking number and complete disclaimer (included in the visa instructions). If you need your visa faster you can use Express Mail service.
We want you to know that we are trying our best to accommodate all our student visa applicants, but sometimes due to the circumstances and that we are not only processing student but all other types of national visa, some applicants could find difficult to find online visa appointments, we are sorry about that, and we regret the inconvenience, but we cannot guarantee to have appointments for everybody due to the uncertainty during this times. So we recommend you to apply for your student visa in GROUPS (only for Program Directors employed by the Programs).
The best way to have your visa ready to go to Spain next semester is by applying in groups, you should contact your school representative in the US for further information and we can provide them instructions on how to apply by sending an email to

Due to Travel Restrictions at this moment US citizens with ordinary passports who wish to travel to Spain will have to wait until the end of the restrictions.

For further information follow this link:

  • Holders of one of the following documents are eligible to apply for a visa, providing that they are  valid at least three months beyond the intended departure from the Schengen territory:
    • U.S. Passport.
    • Foreign passport and U.S. Permanent Resident Card (formerly Green Card).
    • Valid International Student visas and valid re-entry ("travel") signature on  I-20.
    • Valid Exchange visitors visas and DS-2019.
    • Long term U.S. visas (e.g. L1, L2, H1, H2, R1 etc.).
    • For U.S. Travel Documents and some type of Passports, some restrictions apply
    • Holders of B1/B2 visas may only apply for Airport Transit visa.  
  • The Consulate General in Chicago accepts and processes applications from residents in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota y Wisconsin.
  • Please find all the necessary information on visas in this website.
  • No additional information or mail tracking information will be provided by phone, email or in person.
  • Appointments can only be made ONLINE, not by email and not at the Consulate. Visas cannot be obtained in Spain.
  • One appointment per applicant and one application per person.
  • Appoinments are free.
  • A confirmed appointment is needed to submit IN PERSON the visa application at the Consulate.
  • No appointment is required to pick up your passport once the visa has been issued. At the visa interview, you will be given a date after which the passport is available for collection. The applicant (or other authorized person) may collect the passport at the Consulate's front window from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. If applicants are not able to collect the visa in person, they must provide a United States Postal Services Express Mail or Priority Mail with tracking number envelope, pre-paid and self-addressed
  • Please read carefully instructions given for every type of visa before obtaining an appointment. (Visa Requirements).
  • Visa applications are accepted 3 months prior to the departure date, not before. Student visas are accepted 3 months prior to the beginning of the studies, not before.
  • Before scheduling the flight to the Schengen area, please reckon specific processing times given for every type of visa plus 10 days for mail delivery.
  • Authorized stay is printed in the visa (“del…al”). Note order of date in European format: dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Passport with affixed visa must be presented at the border of Schengen port of entry. Passport must have a blank page to affix visa.
  • Please note that the expiry date of passport must be at least 3 months after expected return to the US.
  • Once a Schengen visa is issued, all travelers must declare their presence by ensuring that their passports are duly stamped by the Border Authorities upon entry into the Schengen area.
  • The original documents submitted to obtain a visa WILL NOT BE RETURNED, even if the visa is not granted. (Green Cards and passports are obviously returned).
  • All documents required are to be presented in 1 original form + 1 copy.
  • The processing fees are not refundable, even if the visa is not granted.
  • There is no legal right to a visa.
  • The Consulate of Spain in Chicago will not accept incomplete visa applications.
 Click on link below to make an appointment
​(Appointments are free of charge)
Tourism, Business and Transit Schengen 
Long Term Visa Requirements 
Recuperación residencia larga duración
    • Información
Please note, that emails asking for the status of visa applications will not be answered.


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